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How to Remove Hair Extensions

How to Remove Hair Extensions

To remove your hair extensions, it's best to return to the hairdresser that put them in. Alternately, learn how to take the hair extensions out yourself. No matter if your extensions were glued or sewn on, you can remove them without damaging your natural hair.

  • Things You'll Need:
    • Mirror
    • Salon Pro 30 Sec Super Hair Bond Remover
    • Fine-tooth comb
    • Hairdressing scissors


1. Position a mirror on a wall or counter so you can easily see your scalp without having to hold the mirror. 

2. Part your hair into four sections with your fingers. Make a section from your ear to your temple on each side of your head. Use a finger to part your hair from your ear to the back of your head for the remaining two sections. Wet each section slightly and twist the bottom once to separate the sections.

3. Locate the "seam" in your hair, where your extensions were glued or sewn in. Hold the seam with one hand.

4. Soak the seam with Salon Pro 30 Sec Super Hair Bond Remover if your extensions were glued in. Wait 30 seconds and gently comb down from your natural hair into the extension, while gently pulling and twisting the extension until it comes free. 

5. If you have a sewn weft, locate the thread in the seam and cut it with hairdressing scissors. Comb down through the seam slowly. Cut the thread again, if necessary.


Tips & Warnings

Depending on how long you have had your extensions, you may have to apply the hair bond remover several times to remove all the glue.Do not yank on the hair extension to remove it; you can easily pull your natural hair out this way. Always pull and twist gently while combing through the seam.