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November 19, 2023

Everyone loves a short cut. There are times when the lavish luscious long locks look is needed, but far too often a bomb short bob or cut is just what the stylist ordered. Easy to manage. Great for the on-the-go mom trying to get kids off to school. Works for the professional who may be running late to the office. Don’t forget to head to the gym and get that sweat in. Regardless of how one maneuvers through their day, the short cut can always come in handy.

It is a scary notion for some to chop it off. For women, our hair is a major part of our identity. It is how little kids know who’s a boy and who’s a girl (Please do not come for me with the gender conversation. That is another blog for another time and place. I am speaking traditionally. I know and understand times are changing.) Feminism has changed that plenty and now we get to define our hair instead of allowing our hair to define us. A short cut is not for everyone. It will take some getting used to as you look in the mirror. For those brave enough to try it, it can be amazing and liberating.

I have been styling short cuts and giving classes for decades. I’m ready when you are. There is nothing to fear. If you don’t like it, that’s why there are wigs and weaves.

There are some subtle differences that many should be aware of before proceeding with a short haircut. For example, black women, with a short do, a mini relaxer is recommended every other week. A full relaxer should be done approximately every six to eight weeks depending on hair texture. Every head is unique but the curlier the hair, most likely the sooner the hair will need to be relaxed. To some, this is a downside but the daily maintenance more than makes up for the styling process. If you are a rough sleeper who uses more than one pillow should tie their hair up at night. For others, you are good to go. Go to bed when you are tired and get up in the morning and go. At most, maybe some shine spray but that is about it. Your morning and day belong to you.

The average time in the salon will also go down drastically. Less hair means less shampooing and less time under the dryer. Pixie cuts, bobs, fades, mohawks, fauxhawks, the big chop, the Halle Berry, the Monica can all be liberating. I have rocked each of these myself a time or two and have literally styled hundreds of others. There is something about a short cut that tells the world that this woman means business. She can be serious or fun but there is never a question if she is about her business. When she hits the office, you know she is about her money. When she stops at the gym, you know she is leaving drenched in sweat. Women with short cuts just move differently and it is believed that the less hair is freeing their souls.

You can be a queen, a diva, a boss, a baddie, or a housewife with short or long hair, don’t ger me wrong. All I am saying is with long hair, sometimes they need to be reminded. Sometimes they will act as if they forgot or they didn’t know. On the other hand, the short hair lets them know from the gate what time it is. There s no mistaking the message.

On our website, www.bqute.com there is a filter feature where you can take a selfie and then see what you will look like with different hairstyles. It is not perfect but it can be fun and funny but for the most part, it helps some to be able to see what they would look like. It is much easier to test through a filter on a website instead of getting it all cut off in a styling chair and being disappointed by the person in the mirror while being infuriated with your stylist. Go to the website and try a few different looks to see which one makes you look and feel like the new you who you want to become.

Low maintenance, less product. As well as the ability to shampoo and condition as often as daily if you like all are great incentives for a haircut. Once again, please allow me to restate that we here at bQute are well versed in all styles and textures of hair. I by no means want anyone to feel as if I am saying  short haircut is the only way or the best way to go. The main reason for this blog is because millions of women want one but are terrified to get one. If you happen to be a woman who has already had one and decided it is not for you, I applaud you for your bravery. You already know and you too can be a testimony that it was not the end of the world.

In conclusion. I have been blessed with a God given gift and as one should do with their gifts, I am here to share my gifts with the world. We at bQute are here to provide all hair services as well as education to help make decisions about your hair and your look that will help everyone be the best version of themselves so that they feel good about sharing their God given gifts as well.  We are here to uplift one another to help beautify the individual who will in turn help enhance our communities and neighborhoods. This is what we have to offer to do our part to help make the world a much better place.

I will continue to blog on various hairstyles and current events to entertain or educate or in the words of KRS-One Edutain you!