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November 24, 2023

For men and women, hair presentation is a major concern. Hair is a defining factor about how people identify others. Be it Mr. T and his mohawk, Allen Iverson’s iconic braids, Toni Braxton’s short cuts, when they are mentioned, people instantly know what you are saying. As a stylist, regardless of the latest movie, tv show, or music video, when people enter the salon and say they want the Monica, Jennifer Anniston, or Halle Berry, I knew immediately what they were expecting. Unfortunately, due to cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, alopecia, or thinning hair loss, everyone is not able to naturally get their desired look.

              That is not the end though. Here at bQute we have revolutionized a procedure we call the ReOrr Hair Replacement system. This gives individuals the opportunity to have the revitalized look that they desire through building a hair unit of any length or size to fit their liking. Depending on how one maintains it, the units normally last for six to eight weeks. It also shortens the amount of time one must spend in the salon on their services. It is more beneficial for those who need it than some of the alternatives that the market leaders offer and demand the outrageous upcharge for their services.

              The ReOrr Hair Replacement system is non-surgical, non-evasive. This cuts down on the price tremendously. The fact that they are temporary and non-surgical means that there are plenty of options for various looks throughout the year. This also helps those who are embarrassed or private about their hair. The more people see hair in different colors, cuts, or styles, the more the individual stands out as someone who takes care and pride in their appearance and one that no one would suspect that they potentially are wearing a hair unit. This is not to say that if one had a hair unit that they must constantly change or update it. The choice is the person who is receiving the service and hair units. The point is that the ReOrr Hair Replacement service and hair units offers more opportunities for change as opposed to a surgical method that some choose to endure.

              Reorr Hair Replacement process is to select a hairstyle. Once the hairstyle, design, and cut are established, two units are normally prepared. One unit is to be installed immediately, while the other is to be used when the client returns to get the unit, they are currently wearing shampooed and refreshed. The head and hair are shampooed, conditioned, and massaged.  After it is cut the unit can be installed. There is a special adhesive that is applied to the scalp to attach the unit to the skin on the head. Once the hair unit and fitted and put on the head, the cut and style are finished to ensure that it fits and frames the face. After teaching how to maintain the unit, the client is finished to enjoy and showcase their hair. The client does not have to remove the unit. As previously stated, it is semi-permanent. The maintenance required by the client is regarding product, wrapping the hair at night, potentially rollers, and shampooing to keep up the appearance of the hair.

              Prior to the installation appointment, a consultation will take place. There is a fee to secure the consultation because most of the time the consultation takes as long as a traditional hair service. The cost of the consultation is subtracted from the actual cost of the service if one chooses to proceed and get the ReOrr Hair Replacement unit and service. During the consultation, the way the product works, the measurement of the head, as well as the plethora of styles that could be implemented can be discussed. Of course, pricing is also given so there will be no confusion or sticker shock.

              ReOrr Hair Replacement is gender neutral. We service men and women. We have some men who get the service and unit and have short fades. We also have some women who receive the service and unit and has hair that goes down their back. The options are endless. We customize the units to look and be worn to whatever the hear desires.

              Here is the beauty of the ReOrr Hair Replacement unit and service. For most, the service can be free. ReOrr Hair Replacement by bQute is one of the few companies that has contracts with the medical community. For those with alopecia or who are in the middle of receiving chemotherapy or radiation that can cause hair loss, their services may be covered under their medical insurance. It qualifies under durable medical equipment “DME”. This is the same thing that arm slings, wheelchairs, crutches, and neck braces are. Check with your insurance company to see if they cover it but every day more companies have been covering it. The sad part is that there are not many vendors around to provide the services. For those who do have the insurance to qualify for free, this can save thousands of dollars annually in hair care. For many on a fixed budget who are just trying to maintain their dignity and keep their self-confidence up, the fact that the insurance company will cover this can be a true blessing.

              I have been specializing in ReOrr Hair Replacement for well over two decades now. I believe they are here for the foreseeable future. I have been a hairstylist for over two decades and back when I started, they were almost non-existent. Slowly but surely, they have become more popular. My forecast shows that number to increase greatly. Regardless of if you order a non-surgical hair replacement from me, or someone else, please do your due diligence and make sure you are comparing apples and oranges. Make sure that it is human hair that will not irritate the skin in the manner that synthetic hair tends to do. Also ensure that you are given directions on how to properly care for and maintain your unit when it is applied to your head and when it is off your head. Maintenance is the key to longevity with most hair. If you decide that a man weave is not in your future, I still am available for short cuts and all other services!