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November 20, 2023

      Technology advance today has made things that seem to be impossible as little as a decade or two ago to now become possible. In the age of electric cars like Tesla able to go as far as a regular car with a full tank of gas, we now have the next big thing in the health and beauty industry. The next wave is what many are calling, the “Man Weave”. Make no mistakes, this is a real thing and unbeknownst to many, they probably have seen some in the flesh and do not even know it. Many man weave wearers are confident in their ability to blend in with the masses. They can have dreadlocks past their butts or a short Caesar fade. Only a few eagle-eyed individuals will know which is the whole point.

              So, the question is what is a man weave? A man weave differs from the traditional weave that many ladies get. Today most women receive sew in weaves. For those whom feel the braids and sewing is causing damage to their hair, tape in weaves are gaining traction in popularity as well as infusions with the tips. When weaves first started rising in popularity many were receiving bonded tracks with hair glue. The man weave is a throwback to the days of glue.

              The ideal candidate for a man weave is a man who is balding. Androgenetic Alopecia more commonly known as male pattern baldness affects roughly four out of ten men by the age of 50. Most of these men decide to simply go bald. This is a simple fix and bald is a socially acceptable hairstyle for most men regardless of race. The rest just accept the cards they were dealt and let it grow how God wants it to. They still get hair cuts but anyone looking at them knows that they are bald (think George Jefferson or George Costanza). There is a small population of men who choose to get surgical hair replacement from Bosely or Hair Club for Men. Hair grafting is the most expensive of the choices. For the men who cannot or choose not to afford the replacement, some choose to get a toupee’ which is a removable wig that is normally the butt of many jokes on sitcoms because of how obvious the hair appears. It normally lacks a natural look. Many can tell if it is not done correctly by a seasoned professional.

              The smallest contingent of men has begun opting for the man weave. With the man weave, the head is shaved bald. A hair replacement unit is designed and styled to the shape of the individual’s head. Adhesive is then applied, and the hair is semi-permanently attached to the scalp. Once on, it is styled and cut to make a natural looking hairline and haircut. The style of hair is irrelevant. As stated previously, braids, fades, afros, curls, and many more can be obtained with this method. A person who has been at the forefront of the man weave movement has been Steve Harvey. Many have suspected that Steve Harvey’s hair was too perfect. When he was doing the “Steve Harvey Show”, the sitcom showcased the comedian, and his hair was always flawless. His afro fade never seemed to have a strand of hair out of place. Robert Dinero, Al Pacino, and Bradley Cooper all sport man weaves. Even the late great Michael Jackson wore one.

              There is no shame in wearing a man weave just like there is no shame in going bald or any of the other choices in between. The main factor should be the man’s comfort level. Whichever style he can afford that is going to make him the most confident should be the preferred style. A man weave can last up to two months if taken care of correctly. A Corvallis (bald hair cut) averages about $30. This will need to be done weekly. That is 52 haircuts a year for a total of $1,560 annually not including tip. Also, it will require staying in the house or wearing a hat that last day or two before the haircut so no one will notice the new growth if one is looking to hide the fact that they are bald.

              With a man weave, one can purchase two units. The benefit of this is time. It will be much easier to swap out the units if one is already cut and styled. When one comes for their appointment, they have the old unit removed, the scalp will be shampooed, and the new growth cut so that the new unit can be applied. There is also the cost to apply the unit which can be as little as six times a year. The units should last for at least a year. This is not the cheapest way, but it is nowhere near as expensive as the surgical hair replacement. It also is not as cheap as buying some clippers and cutting your hair bald every few days. The person who is embarrassed by their male pattern baldness but still gets their hair cut in the natural pattern in which it grows, is still spending approximately a couple thousand dollars a year on haircuts. The man weave may be double that, but the confidence and ease of maintenance is considered worth it to many.

              I have been specializing in man weaves for well over a decade now. I believe they are here for the foreseeable future. I have been a hairstylist for over two decades and back when I started, they were almost non-existent. Slowly but surely, they have become more popular. My forecast shows that number to increase greatly. Regardless of if you order a man weave from me, or someone else, please do your due diligence and make sure you are comparing apples and oranges. Make sure that it is human hair that will not irritate the skin in the manner that synthetic hair tends to do. Also ensure that you are given directions on how to properly care for and maintain your unit when it is applied to your head and when it is off your head. Maintenance is the key to longevity with most hair. If you decide that a man weave is not in your future, I still am available for short cuts and all other services!